Well, I’ve tried to do this a bunch of times, but I end up failing quickly. I run out of shit to write other busy with other things and it’s the last thing on my mind. I think something is cool for a minute, have a wild hair up my ass, try a blog – again – and delete it two years later when I’ve made one shit post to no one.

Bit I’ve been busy lately and and there are a ton of ideas, horrible thoughts and raging outbursts that need to get out of my head. I’ll try to keep my bullshit as nameless as possible. No guarantees.

So, this is where I get stuck. What to write about. Personal things that will embarrass my daughter later in life? Raging outbursts about work and dealing with stupid people in general? Life? My old life? Past situations?

Why? Who gives a shit?

What drove me here tonight? Maybe that’s a good place to start.

It’s 5 days after my wife has had surgery. My mother in law is here to “help”. This drives my wife insane. Instead of helping, when she has been asked to help with something, she sits for hours and at the last minute, when you start to do it yourself, she scrambled to take care of it.

I just went to a birthday party for a kid that my daughter goes to school with. It was at a bowling alley. Not too bad. But I’m the only other parent there besides the birthday girls mom. And I’m older by at least a decade. Not a lot to relate to. So, not a lot of conversation.

I have a daughter that will be 7 in a month. I actually have offspring that I can control their education and mannerisms. Wtf happened. How did someone let me go home with a child? She’s amazing and I can only think that my wife is a goddamn genius, because that ain’t me.

Work. Fucking work. It’s starting to get fun. The things I’ve tried to do in the past three years, some have stuck. Other ideas went away faster than they started. Either way, we are getting to work on some fun stuff with TouchDesigner, some arduino and raspberry pi things. Sensors, triggers and cameras, all the things.

I put together an installation for Portland Winter Lights and had a great time working with a friend from work. Now we’re are working on something really crazy and I hope, tomorrow, we get the gig.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks directing a live show for a week that just popped up last Saturday. Yeah live production. Corona virus is a bitch, but our company can now pivot and do all this shit on the web for thousands of people. Virtualize everything. Don’t just cancel everything at the last minute.

We’ll see how much a write in the next few weeks.

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